Cool Sites
Blin website welcome to gliczide


Current Projects:

Fish's Nightmare - This game is about a fish that had a nightmare and had to stop it from happening. Made in April 2021.

Dead Projects:

clitorizweb - A cool social networking site I made that has users in it. Made in August 2021. Died for less motivation.

Cat Story - This game is like Cave Story but instead it's just a cat who has to stop the world from danger. Currently work in progress. Made in April 2021. However, the development wasn't active in which the project sadly died.

Other Projects:

Pubie - A cool indie game made by Hoylecake and it's still alive, just in progress! Made in Feburary 2021.

School - Why? Because I have lot of stuff that I have to work on, such as my homework at some point until I graduate school.
Today's Drawing
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december 6, 2021