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New layout! December 8, 2021

Finally! I have finally finished setting up all of the remaining from the last layout which thankfully, was not delayed for a new layout where it would be a time parallax all over again. One of the projects are now in the "Dead Projects" section as it has not been worked on lot.

Right now, I'll have to finish the few pages I have created which is the "Fun Stuff" navigation. I didn't have a place to put my drawings and comics so I decided i'll put them in those sections. Some of them will probably be on there way, or even not in this website.

Oh yeah I forgot, all of my doodles will be in the drawings page too!
Another redesign (FOR REAL) December 6, 2021
Sorry for the site having no updates for a month, I was busy working on my other stuff instead since I forgot that I haven't worked on my site for ages still. But for now, I decided to make a new site design that has the same previous design but with the changes of the navigations thing.

I'll might try and look to see if I could finish this. Once I am done, I'll announce the results.
New site redesign October 20, 2021
I am finally making a new site redesign for this site because I don't really use Netscape Composer for this anymore as I remembered I got lazy at programming my home page when I rejoined Neocities. But here you go, a new redesign that I made with my site concept so yeah.

I've never updated my Neocities page until now.
New websites changes April 8, 2021
I haven't actually updated anything for a month but I decided to do so. I separated the stuff into pages so it might be easy or not easy to read.

Also I added some more projects into my projects page like Cat Story and Fish's Nightmare. And some cool banners too I made. So yeah, this page will be a blog or a life blog, I don't really know but I hope I could send more if I have time. Anyways, that's all.
Today's Drawing
not finished
december 6, 2021