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Here is a closer look on what really looked like in real life. It might not be accurate because I change myself lot, plus my hair too. Some people or my friends may have seen my forehead or my back head apparently.

My name is Christopher since I go by my middle name and not my first name. As I was making this site, I was 14 years old. And at school, I was a eighth grader. I am actually american asian living in Vancouver, Washington at my neighborhood which is called Landover Commons. There were some good people that live here such as my neighbors. And so, that's pretty much on what's about myself.

Nowadays, I finally reached myself into high school as a freshman as I got myself better onto writing and also getting my creativity on my drawings in which they started to look better as I got into digital drawing. (Overall, it could be the same as non-digital drawing but I guess I still do more of it.)
Today's Drawing
not finished
december 6, 2021